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Your gift can make a difference 

Please, consider prayerfully to support the Duque Family

COG World Mission

Nestor & Donata Duque Voerman

Project#: 065-0495


Prayer is the heart of missions!! We need your prayers:

  •  for our family: protection, strength, wisdom, peace, and joy.   
  • for our team and  each one of the ministries, 
  • for good relationship with the church leadership, Government, and other leaders/institutions.


Fall in love with the people and the beautiful country of Ecuador. There are several ways to visit us and be part of the ministry:

  • Young adults: check out the opportunities through IMC
  • Plan a short-term mission trip with your church!

For more information, contact:


Be part of God's Mission Story and make a commitment to be partners in ministry.  Please, consider prayerfully to contribute financially to us, the Duque Family, so that we can continue the ministry. This can be done on a monthly basis or through a special gift. We would really appreciate your contribution to us, and thus the mission!

Indigenous  Ministries: Nestor & Donata Duque

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