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Pastoring the Local Church

Iglesia de Dios "La Voluntad de Dios"

Nestor & Donata are pastors of the local church called "Iglesia de Dios: Voluted de Dios". It is an intercultural fellowship of believers which makes it all together a beautiful group. Folkloric dancing and a wonderful weekly participation of the Quichua Ladies Choir are all part of Praise & Worship. 

The most anointed services happen when the electricity falls out...worshipping God is what follows. The youth loves Evangelism, and many kids attend Sunday school services. Sharing a meal after service happens at least once a month...the choir ladies are usually in charge! 


The children in our own community or in the Quichua communities have a special place in our hearts. 

In our local church, we have raised up a team of young people to do a Special Kid's church service every Sunday morning. These gatherings are very popular (see picture). 

Most of the time, when Nestor preaches in the community, Donata takes the children aside. Most churches do not have Sunday school, so often Donata just has to find a spot in the hills for Sunday school.  

We also have special kids outreach programs for Christmas where we receive more than 200 kids each year.

Pictures Kids Outreach

Indigenous  Ministries: Nestor & Donata Duque

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