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Knitting Together

Nurturing.   Equipping.   Sharing.   Empowering.

The Quichua women have been largely neglected not only by society, but also by the church and their own family. They are hard-working women: they take care of the family, but also the cattle and the land. Unfortunately domestic abuse is very common. A common saying is "even when my husband kills me, he will still be my husband". 

'Knitting together' is a project Donata started in different Quichua communities, reaching out to more than 200 ladies (Christians and non-Christians). It is a time of fellowship, learning about God's Word, learning the abilities of knitting/cooking/sewing etc. The goal is to strengthen women; to lift up their self-esteem; to provide a safe place where they can share and build healthy friendships; to experience God's love. 

A Variety of Activities

When the ladies finish a knitting course of two months, we gather them together for a spiritual retreat at SEMILA, Riobamba. It is a time of spiritual refreshment, but also a time to learn. Family therapists or counselors provide seminars. For most of the ladies it is the first time they leave their houses. We also provide Conferences in different parts of the Andes. These are big gatherings where we focus on a specific theme, such as "using your talents and gifts" or "the role of women in the family" etc. 

The Quichua Ladies in Tixan are eager to come together to learn about God.

Daycare "Seeds of Hope"

With sadness in our hearts we inform you that we had to close our daycare. The headquarters of the Church of God in Quito cancelled the contract we had with the Government, due to some new Governmental regulations. We do miss the children dearly and are working hard to find other solutions to get this ministry going again!

"Let the little children come to Me..."

Pictures of the "Knitting Together" Project!

Indigenous  Ministries: Nestor & Donata Duque

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