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Discipleship Program

A 3-month Discipleship Program: Un unforgettable journey where academics blends with the dynamics of living and ministering in a different cultural setting! 


Make your internship a life changing experience! You will be exposed to a great variety of ministries right on the mission field! 


Receiving credits and at the same time having a most unique ministerial experience! Connect with us if you are interested. 

Join us on the Mission Field!

Follow the example of our visitors and make a contribution to missions

Dr. Ivester, Director of Vision 2020-Canada

Nov. 2018. Dr. Keith Ivester gave a powerful Conference on Ministerial Integrity to many Quichua & Hispanic pastors and leaders. He also had the opportunity to preach in one of the cummunities. 

Dr. José Santos, Florida

Nov. 2018. A humble, inspirational and wonderful teacher!  

SEMILA students enjoyed his class on Christian Ethics. 

Pastor Wayne Vernon, Canada

Nov. 2018. SEMILA had the honor to welcome Pastor Wayne Vernon from the West Toronto COG. The students loved his class! It was the second time for Pastor Wayne to impart a class. He's becoming a close friend to us and all at SEMILA.

International Board of Directors

Sept. 2018. We are so thankful for this wonderful group of people who are part of the International Board of Directors of SEMILA. Their friendship, love for God & missions,  knowledge and different cultural backgrounds improve the functioning of SEMILA.

Guillermo Vasconez (Panama), Elaine Douglas (USA), Elba & Jimmy arguello (Argentina & Ecuador), Art Zimmer (Alaska, USA), Jaap van de Poll (The Netherlands)

Fort Mill Church of God (NC)

Sept. 2018. Pastor Mark Leonhardt was the guest speaker on our yearly graduation. Some of his church members joined him on this exciting trip. Among them are his wife Al'lora and Mrs. Elaine Douglas, who is member of the Board of Directors of SEMILA. 


March, 2018. Jaap Boersma is the leader of Project VAMOS in the Netherlands. One of their missions is to support the Knitting Together project in Ecuador. He came for the graduation of 28 ladies, and he inaugurated the new program on Creation Care at SEMILA. He taught a wonderful class on Development of Social & Evangelistic Projects to the students.

The Dutch

In January 2018, we received 16 Dutch men & woman from the Evangelical Church in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Enthusiastically they worked on the maintenance of SEMILA & the chapel. Beside that, they were a blessing in our community as well as communities in the mountains. 

Experience the dynamics of living & ministering in a different cultural setting!

Join the Mission Story in Ecuador​

Indigenous  Ministries: Nestor & Donata Duque

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